What is IM4U?

IM4U is a next-generation solution transforming Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) for children aged 3 to 7.​

IM4U blends unique, award-winning music and games with cooperative problem solving to teach foundational life skills that support learning, promote social-emotional intelligence, and build healthy communities. The result? Amid a stress-inducing learning crisis, caregivers and educators can now introduce critically needed SEL into any home or classroom context with an affordable, proven, fun solution that WORKS.

Young children learn best through play, not concepts.

What is SEL?

Social Emotional Learning or SEL refers to skills, attitudes, and behaviors that powerfully impact a student’s success in school and life.​

These critical “soft skills” like diversity, equity and inclusion are best developed in the first 2000 days of life. All 50 states have Pre-K SEL standards, and nearly a third of states mandate that SEL be taught in their schools (ChildTrends, Casel). IM4U focuses on that age group, with learning that starts with play and fun, not concepts as most legacy SEL programs do. The young child’s entry-point for learning is through emotional life and the heart; the “why” that speaks to the child in his or her own play-based language.

SEL Skills Developed with IM4U



Understanding Others

Relationship Building

Decision Making


The Problem

330 million children across the world have been stuck at home for at least nine months due to the pandemic. And tens of millions of them are experiencing isolation, anxiety, and loneliness as a result, according to a UNICEF report.

There’s a real concern about distance learning’s lasting impact on how kids interact and play with others, according to the Brookings Institute. Current Social-Emotional Learning tools aren’t enough. They’re outdated, expensive, and hard for teachers to integrate into their classrooms. Now more than ever kids need Social and Emotional Learning. Teachers are stressed and ready for change. In fact, one in every five district leaders say they will retain digital innovations as their students return to in-person classes, according to a RAND study.

IM4U is the innovation they’re looking for.

Our Solution

Our solution is a new SEL online platform for parents and teachers of children aged 3 to 7, delivered through an affordable digital subscription.

Our proprietary platform makes talking about the tough stuff easy for kids. Every 10-30 minute IM4U learning module begins with a song. Music helps children learn faster and gives them ownership of their learning. Our modules also include a game activity or “skill-builder” and a kids’ talk. This approach is proven to help children learn SEL skills including what the Brookings Institute calls the six Cs: collaboration, communication, content, critical thinking, creative innovation, and confidence. For teachers and parents, diving into and delivering SEL has never been easier or more engaging. Within less than 5 minutes, a Fun Learning Module (an IM4U SEL lesson) can be found or created and ready to deliver to children.

Whether it’s bullying, decision making, or self-awareness, IM4U uses unique, award-winning content, dynamic technology, and a play-based approach to to transform SEL for early education.

Business Model & Competitive Advantage

IM4U is a SaaS company and our primary source of revenue is via an online subscription. We generate additional revenue through training/consulting services, merchandise, and events.


  • Monthly subscriptions with an affordable, tiered pricing model
  • Training & consulting fees
  • Sale of content-related merchandise


  • IM4U Digital Platform
  • Prospective external Partners Cognia & Kaplan
  • Advocacy Organizations (ex: National Association for the Education of Young Children)
  • Events

Competitive Challenges

  • Original songs and stories by award-winning children’s artist, Jim Mayer
  • Learning content created by world renowned early learning expert, Ellen Booth Church (Clifford the Big Red Dog)
  • Optimized for how children learn naturally: with songs & play
  • Digital platform-based delivery (not books) with unique tools to help teachers
  • Proprietary, copyrighted SEL framework
  • Sophisticated data architecture with a simple user interface

Thousands of students, teachers and parents agree; IM4U changes the game for SEL early learners.

“This lesson allowed students to see that there are both big and small accomplishments and that they can succeed in school and throughout their life.”
Elementary School Teacher
“Overall, the atmosphere in the class has gotten better. There is less physical violence in the class and some of the students have been nicer when they tell someone something that may be perceived as negative.”
Elementary School Teacher
“After listening to the music and watching the video, my students became very comfortable sharing their challenges."
Elementary School Teacher
“ Jim gave in total eight workshops in three different languages; English, Dutch and French. (Working with interpreters,) Jim approached the students with tremendous enthusiasm. Jim has the ability to approach the students in their own way and age. He is able to talk with a four year old and communicate with a teenager, everyone is listening. ”
Jeva Ruda-Nilsson
President of the Parents Association, Europese School Bergen, Netherlands