Dear Families,

Welcome to the IM4U Caring Community!

You know how important it is for your child to feel safe, welcome, and supported in the school community and beyond. It is in these early years that your child builds the essential social and emotional skills that create the foundation for their future school success.

More than ever, supporting a child’s need for social emotional learning is recognized as not only valuable, but necessary in promoting student growth in academic achievement, positive social behaviors, long-term success, and well-being.

We are excited that your child’s school or learning center has made this a priority and is partnering with us by implementing and integrating our IM4U Learning program into your child’s daily learning journey.

Together, through music, movement, and collaborative games, we will promote a classroom atmosphere of teamwork and acceptance, where individual differences are not only tolerated, but celebrated!

IM4U: Inspiring Real Principles; Having Real Fun

What are the 7 Principles?

Click on each of the principle icons to learn more and gain access to additional parent resources.

What is IM4U?

Developed by award-winning children’s songwriter “Uncle Jim” Mayer and early childhood expert Ellen Booth Church, IM4U is an innovative, play-based social emotional learning program that blends fun, music, and games with cooperative problem solving to teach young children ages 3-7 the lifelong skills for building caring communities. The program is grounded in the IM4U 7 principles.

What to Look for as Your Child Experiences IM4U

Social-emotional growth and development is amazingly subtle. It may not seem obvious, but through the joyful experience of singing, dancing, and creative play, your child is learning. By engaging in the IM4U materials, your child is building critical life skills that have a lasting impact on their long-term success in our ever-changing global society.

  • listening better to you and others
  • taking turns
  • helping someone who is struggling or upset
  • talking about his or her feelings and experiences
  • using kind words and actions
  • cooperating with others and you
  • happily participating in group activities
  • demonstrating self-control and confidence

How Does IM4U Work?

IM4U speaks to children in their own emotional language with fun music, videos, puppets skits, cooperative games, and creative play.


As a parent, you know the joy of watching your child at play. Did you know that studies show that play is one of the most important ways your young child learns?

In fact, research shows that fun, interactive, engaging, and creative play actually builds the thinking and problem solving skills your child will use throughout his many years of schooling ahead. Dr. David Elkind (Tufts University) is famously quoted as saying, “Play is not only our creative drive, it’s a fundamental mode of learning.”

A collection of articles for families on the importance of Play:


Have you ever noticed how your young child reacts positively to directions when you put them in a song?

Research has found that music has the power to capture children’s attention and inspire deep learning. The IM4U program is designed to use this research based approach to create safe and fun ways to talk about and explore the “tough stuff” of social interaction and emotions.

A collection of articles for families on the importance of Music:

Building Social and Emotional Skills with Music and Movement

  • When your child….
  • He is building….
  • talks about his feelings,

  • expressive language and emotional literacy skills.

  • shares in a movement game,

  • cooperation, community building, and listening

  • sings meaningful songs,

  • understanding about his feelings and those of others.

  • uses finger and body movements,

  • connections between the brain and the body.

  • laughs and giggles,

  • social skills for appropriately releasing tension.

  • enjoys a silly song,

  • vocabulary and an understanding of incongruity.

How Can You Help?

You can support your child by accessing the Parent Portal and by joining in on the fun and learning!

Navigate to the IM4U 7 Principles in the Parent Portal Menu to find information about them, the topics being studied, and suggestions for activities you can do at home.

Thanks for joining us.

Sending Smiles, Uncle Jim and Professor Ellen