K1 Activity 4 – THIS NOTE IS 4U


All students love to receive notes and cards. They are a great way to tell each other what they think about their friends! What better way to celebrate the IM4U Is Being Together song than to make IM4U note cards? The process invites students to think about the words, phrases, and values of the song and choose what is important to them!


Students watch a video skit and create art badges to declare their support for one another.

Principle Overview

Throughout the 7 Principles we have seen how everything we do has a ripple effect on others. We are dependent on so many other people for so many things – the roads we drive on and the foods we eat, the schools we go to and the technology we use. The list is endless. When we see how connected we all really are, we can go from feelings of isolation to a sense of belonging and purpose, and we can appreciate and even celebrate our differences- in and out of the classroom. This principle is foundational to all of the IM4U songs and activities.


Goals and Objectives:

  • Realize the importance of standing up for others in socially acceptable ways
  • Develop group interaction skills by sharing what is special about peers
  • Experience the joy of offering support to others
  • Brainstorm a list of positive phrases students can write on their greeting card. You might suggest, “Thank you for being my friend,” “You are nice,” or “I like playing with you”.
  • Create a bulletin board for students to share their cards with the class entitled “IM4U.”
  • Ask students to reflect on how it felt to give and receive a card.
  • Set up a post office center in your pretend play area so students can create and “deliver” note cards to one another.
  • Make a connection to the unit principle WE ALL ARE CONNECTED – Taking time to show kindness to others deepens connections and friendships we have with others.
Listening is a vital skill for all students. It gives meaning to what a person has said and helps create a feeling of value and kindness in a diverse classroom. The I Heard You Say skill builder is a good way to develop listening skills and helps create a caring, collaborative learning community by showing others that what they say is important.

  • Model the The I Heard You Say skill builder while brainstorming student ideas for note cards.
  • Encourage students to read their cards to one another using the The I Heard You Say skill builder.
Skill Builder
Use these visual resources to enhance the student experience in this unit.

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Activity Steps

  • Connector.

    Inspire the activity by watching the IM4U Is Being Together puppet skit video together. Ask:

    How do the puppets support each other?

  • Connector.

    If possible, show a greeting card you received from a friend. Tell students about how it felt to get the card. Explain how a card or note is a way of showing your support for someone or something. Tell them they’ll be making cards to celebrate how they support each other in the class.

  • Connector.

    Provide students with drawing paper or file cards and markers to create a note or card for a family member or friend. Play the IM4U song while students work.

  • Connector.

    Write IM4U on the board. Invite students to copy the letters and number on the front of their card.

  • Connector.

    Encourage them to add illustrations and words to the outside and inside of their cards to make them unique.

  • Connector.

    Students can give cards to friends throughout the week!

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