PK Activity 2 – Ooops And Yays: We ALL Make Mistakes!


Sometimes children are afraid to try something new for fear of not doing it right. We all make mistakes…and we all learn from them. Young children can be surprised to find out that adults are learning and making mistakes too. What a relief! Through the process of sharing openly without ridicule, children and adults begin to slowly notice what may not have been obvious—that everyone has strengths and weaknesses! If we are aware of them, we can use them to help one another. We ALL make mistakes, and we all learn from them.


Children listen to the Ooops And Yays song and use the lyrics to discuss mistakes as part of learning and how they can help each other when a mistake happens.

Principle Overview

Look around and you will notice friends and family who are really good at some things and not so good at others. While adults might grasp this as something normal, students often don’t and can perceive their own strengths and weaknesses in distorted ways. When we demonstrate our own strengths and weaknesses, we help students come to terms with their own, and help dispel the illusion that any of us are better, worse, more, or less worthy than others.


Goals and Objectives:

  • Recognize that mistakes are part of learning.
  • Demonstrate helpful actions toward each other.
  • The goal of this activity is to show children that you make mistakes and they can help you. Ahead of time, think about ways you will highlight this.
  • Preview the “Beautiful Oops!” story to facilitate discussion.
  • You might print the Ooops And Yays lyrics on chart paper and add visuals.
Knowing about strengths and weaknesses in ourselves and others helps us grow, learn, and work together. The Me Too! Oh, Wait! Not Me! skill builder helps children gain an understanding of their individual strengths and weaknesses and the diversity of those in their class. They also think about how to encourage their peers to use their strengths and keep trying when they struggle with a weakness.

Skill Builder
Use these visual resources to enhance the student experience in this unit.

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Activity Steps

  • Connector.

    Play the recording of the Ooops And Yays song as you invite children to come to circle time. You can hum or sing along with the song as children find their places in the circle. Emphasize the words “ooops” and “yay.” Ask:

    Do you ever make an “ooops?”

  • Connector.

    Sammy has made an “ooops” just like we all do sometimes. Have children view the Ooops And Yays puppet skit video.

    What was Sammy’s “ooops?”
    How did he feel when it happened?
    What did he do after it happened?
    What do you think Sammy learned?

  • Connector.

    You might choose the first stanza from the Ooops And Yays song to discuss.

    Ooops! I knocked over the blocks
    Ooops! And I can’t find my socks
    Ooops! Now my feet don’t know what to do
    We all make mistakes, no blame with me and you
    (No blame me, no blame you)

  • Connector.

    Ask children to think about the “ooops.” Ask:

    Have you ever knocked over blocks?
    What happened?
    How did you feel?
    What did you do next?

  • Connector.

    Share about a time you couldn’t find something, like the socks in the song. Explain what you did to find it. It is important for children to see that adults make mistakes and deal with them, too.

  • Connector.

    Next, celebrate the discussion by choosing one of the books recommended for Unit 2. As you start the story, purposefully hold the book upside down and backwards. Do they notice? What do they say? Most preschoolers will correct you and help you get it right.

  • Connector.

    Celebrate your own mistake. You might say: Ooops! I made a mistake. But yay! You helped me make it right. I learned from you!

  • Connector.

    Enjoy the book together. Make another mistake during the reading, such as skipping a page or starting in the back instead of the front. Children will love to teach YOU how to have a “yay!”

  • Connector.

    Remind children that when they make an “ooops” (mistake) and adapt, adjust and try again (resilience,) they are growing, learning, and improving (growth mindset).

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