PK Activity 3 – Frozen Broccoli


This variation on a classic cooperative movement game is perfect for helping children feel a sense of belonging and acceptance because the only way the game works is when everyone helps each other.

It is a great example of using the WE ARE ALL VALUABLE Principle because it demonstrates the power we all have to help others feel accepted and valued.

This game works best in an open space or outdoors.


Children play a cooperative game and explore how they each have the power to help others solve problems and build a sense of belonging.

Principle Overview

A key belief for building a strong community is that everyone has value regardless of our differences. The fact is what we say and do affect other people, therefore, it is important. When we feel that what we have to offer matters, we feel empowered to carefully use appropriate speech and actions with others.


Goals and Objectives:

  • Create a sense of comfort and belonging in a group through assisting each other in a cooperative movement game.
  • Develop empathy for the feelings of others.
The use of Welcoming Words promote acceptance and support for others. When children know how to respond appropriately in inclusive and exclusive situations by using Welcoming Words, they help others feel they are valued and belong.

  • Highlight how Welcoming Words can be fun and playful.
  • Ask children to share some Welcoming Words they could use to help a Frozen Broccoli when a bean bag falls off a child’s head.
  • Ask children how they felt when a classmate used Welcoming Words to help them become unfrozen.
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Activity Steps

  • Connector.

    Watch the Lonely Broccoli music video together.

  • Connector.

    Invite children to share about a time that they helped out in a game or activity. It might be a small thing or a big thing, but it is helpful for children to see how they are all valuable in the giant salad bowl of life!

  • Connector.

    Introduce the game by explaining that they can all be valuable in the game by helping a friend.

  • Connector.

    Game Directions:

    Choose something fun for children to balance on their heads, like a bean bag, paper plate, or napkin.

    Tell children that you will play the Lonely Broccoli song as they move to the music with the bean bag balanced on their head. Children can pretend that they are broccoli moving around the salad.

    But watch out! If the bean bag slips off, they are frozen broccoli and they must freeze in place.

    The only way to get unfrozen is for another broccoli to come along and help by picking up the bean bag. (It is okay for the helper to hold the bean bag on their own head when they help). It is silly and fun but the point is made that even when they are frozen, they are not alone!

  • Connector.

    After the game discuss how it felt to be frozen and to be helped. Ask:

    a. How did it feel to help someone?

    b. How did it feel to have someone help you?

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