PK Activity 4 – Broccoli Salad!


Here is a version of a traditional cooperative parachute game that is designed to help children feel that they belong. Children have to listen carefully and work together to make the game work.

Explain that in this game they are going to use the parachute to make a giant salad, just like Uncle Jim and friends in the video. As they move the parachute up and down, children will call each other’s name to come into the bowl. The message they’ll learn is: You are valuable to our salad!

This game works best outside or in a large, open space.


Children watch a video skit and play a cooperative game focused on taking turns and empowering each other.

Principle Overview

A key belief for building a strong community is that everyone has value regardless of our differences. The fact is what we say and do affect other people, therefore, it is important. When we feel that what we have to offer matters, we feel empowered to carefully use appropriate speech and actions with others.


Goals and Objectives:

  • Learn how to cooperate with others by taking turns.
  • Develop self-esteem by hearing their name called out in a game.
  • Preview the In Or Out Of The Salad puppet skit video to better facilitate class discussion.
  • Allow children a few minutes to practice with the parachute before playing the game.
  • Establish guidelines for holding and shaking the parachute.
The use of Welcoming Words promote acceptance and support for others. When children know how to respond appropriately in inclusive and exclusive situations by using Welcoming Words, they help others feel they are valued and belong.

  • The teacher can model using Welcoming Words to invite children in.
  • Call children by name when welcoming them in.
Skill Builder
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Activity Steps

  • Connector.

    Watch the In Or Out Of The Salad puppet skit video together. Talk about making a salad. Ask:

    What do they like in their salad?

  • Connector.

    Invite children to stand around the outside of the parachute and hold on to the edge. Then they can start to slowly wave it up and down to create a shimmery “salad bowl” effect.

  • Connector.

    One at a time, call out a name (Tommy Broccoli!) and instruct the child to dash under the parachute to get “in the bowl.”

  • Connector.

    Keep naming one child at a time until the bowl gets a bit full.

  • Connector.

    When the group calls out “salad time,” the children dash back to the edge.

  • Connector.

    Then do it again! The game works best if the teacher calls the names the first few times it is played and invites children to call names of friends to jump into the bowl as the game progresses.

  • Connector.

    After the game, discuss how they felt during it.

    a. How did if feel when your name was called?

    b. How did feel when it was not called?

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