PK Activity 2 – A Sticky Puzzle Game


One way for children to feel like they belong together is to share in a group art project. By adding photos of the children to the project, you have the perfect opportunity to celebrate the classroom community. In this activity, children will use photographs of themselves to make a giant photo collage that will be cut up like a giant jigsaw puzzle. This project may take several days to complete, but once it is finished it will be a favorite puzzle in your room!


Children use photographs to make a giant photo collage to showcase how each child is a unique member of a collective group.

Principle Overview

A sense of belonging is absolutely necessary for our health and well-being.The fragile “roots of belonging” are planted and nurtured in the elementary years. It is a crucial time for students to feel their place and purpose in the school group. From these roots, the whole child blooms into a contributing member of community. IM4U challenges all of us to seek out our purpose and experience that purpose in our lives.


  • Tape song
  • Tape lyrics
  • Digital or smart phone camera
  • Printer
  • Poster board
  • Clear packing tape
  • Scissors

Goals and Objectives:

  • Celebrate their personal identity by seeing themselves reflected in the movements of a friend.
  • CBuild a feeling of safety and security within a group by working cooperatively with others.
  • Prepare to have the Tape song available to play during activity.
  • Print Tape lyrics on chart paper and consider adding visuals for young children.
  • Photos can be taped onto one poster board and laminated for additional durability and placed in your puzzle center.
Cooperation and teamwork are integral skills for creating a sense of community. When children discover the benefits of working in groups, they learn how cooperation promotes a feeling of purpose and helps everyone feel like they are a part of a learning community. Working with others encourages important learning skills such as listening, communicating, taking turns, and participating with the group. Group work can increase creativity, problem solving, and help with difficult tasks. When we work as a team, we can win together.

  • Throughout the unit activities, review skills that are important for cooperation. For example:
    • Listen to everyone in the group.
    • Take turns.
    • Do your part.
    • Say encouraging words.

    Skill Builder

Use these visual resources to enhance the student experience in this unit.

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Activity Steps

  • Connector.

    Set the cooperative mood by playing the Tape song and invite children to listen, sing, and clap along.

  • Connector.

    Ask children to talk about the jigsaw puzzles they like to use in the class and at home. Have a few available for the children to look at, touch, and pass around. Ask:

    Have you ever worked on a puzzle with a friend?
    Did you ever get stuck with a piece and a friend helped you?

  • Connector.

    Explain that in this activity the entire group is going to use cooperation and teamwork to work together to create a giant puzzle of their class using photos taped together.

    Use a digital camera to take photos of kids in action. Print the photos to create a giant puzzle collage.

    Show children how to use tape to connect several pieces of poster board or cardboard together into a giant, blank sheet that will become their puzzle board.

    Children can use strips of clear packing tape to attach the photos to create a giant collage of the class.

  • Connector.

    When the puzzle is done, cut the poster board into several large puzzle pieces. Children will love to put their people puzzle back together!

  • Connector.

    Have children reflect and share ways they had to stick together by cooperating and using teamwork to create the puzzle and put it back together.

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