PK Activity 3 – Sticky Moves


What happens when some sticky tape meets another piece of sticky tape? They stick together! In this cooperative movement game, children learn the fun of working together to create one great-big, giant-size ball of tape. Teamwork is the key as they find their purpose in moving together.


Children learn the fun of working together to create one great-big, giant-size ball of tape.

Principle Overview

A sense of belonging is absolutely necessary for our health and well-being.The fragile “roots of belonging” are planted and nurtured in the elementary years. It is a crucial time for students to feel their place and purpose in the school group. From these roots, the whole child blooms into a contributing member of community. IM4U challenges all of us to seek out our purpose and experience that purpose in our lives.


  • Tape song
  • Sticky tape (double or single sided)

Goals and Objectives:

  • Develop a sense of purpose in a group through cooperatively exploring movement solutions in a problem solving game.
  • Describe how they stick together to create a movement team.
  • Prepare to have the Tape song available to play during activity.
  • You might provide several different types of tpe including masking, clear, duct, painter’s tape, etc..
  • Arrange for a large space for ease of movement.
  • Establish safe movement rules before the game. For example, stay in the designated area (rug, circle, etc..), gentle hands (no pulling or pushing), stay on your feet, etc…
Cooperation and teamwork are integral skills for creating a sense of community. When children discover the benefits of working in groups, they learn how cooperation promotes a feeling of purpose and helps everyone feel like they are a part of a learning community. Working with others encourages important learning skills such as listening, communicating, taking turns, and participating with the group. Group work can increase creativity, problem solving, and help with difficult tasks. When we work as a team, we can win together.

  • Throughout the unit activities, review skills that are important for cooperation. For example:
    • Listen to everyone in the group.
    • Take turns.
    • Do your part.
    • Say encouraging words.

    Skill Builder

Use these visual resources to enhance the student experience in this unit.

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Activity Steps

  • Connector.

    Gather children in a circle. Show children two pieces of tape. Ask children to suggest what might happen if the two pieces of tape bump into each other. Yes, they will stick together! You might ask:

    What would happen if you were a dancing piece of tape and you bumped into another one? Yes, you will stick together too. Let’s work together as a team to play this cooperative movement game.

  • Connector.

    Explain that in this game they are going to pretend to be a piece of tape dancing to Uncle Jim’s Tape song. Ask children what would happen if they were to touch another piece of tape. “Yes, you will stick together….just like tape!” Students hold hands with a partner and “stick” together while dancing. Explain that the trick is to figure out how to move “TOGETHER” while stuck together!

    Of course a group of kids might bump into another group of kids and get stuck together. Now how do we move as a larger group? This is a great group problem solving opportunity.

  • Connector.

    Talk with children about the purpose of the game…to have fun, “stick together”, and to move cooperatively and helpfully as a team. See teachers tips for safety ideas.

  • Connector.

    Play the Tape song. as children dance and move freely around the room.

  • Connector.

    Keep the music going and everyone moving until the entire group is stuck together in one big cooperative ball of tape. Giggles and cooperation will abound!

  • Connector.

    Meet together after the game to reflect how the game worked. Possible reflection questions:

    What was easy?
    What was difficult?
    How did you solve the problems?
    How did you use teamwork and cooperation?

    WE ALL HAVE A PURPOSEIn this game, how did you and your friends contribute (what was your/their purpose) to solve problems, have fun and stick together?

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