K1 Activity 3 – YOU Are The Sun

Core Freedom: Freedom To Feel Our Own Feelings


The sun is always there, regardless of the storms and weather we encounter. In many ways our mind is similar. We have the freedom to see our troubles as the clouds and weather that passes over the sun if we choose. The Smile In The Sky song provides a wonderful tool for students to discuss their emotions in a safe and non-judgmental way. Remember that you are not trying to fix or change students’ emotions but allowing them the safe space and creative materials to express how they are feeling. Students may enjoy watching the music video together before engaging in the activity. This will set the tone for the discussion and activity.


Students watch the Do You See A Smile In The Sky puppet skit video and explore their freedom to feel their own feelings through discussion and drawings of the weather.

Principle Overview

The 8 Core Freedoms of IM4U are the hallmarks of who we are as individuals and members of a group. In a way, they are our “Bill of Rights.” As individuals, we are free to be ourselves, to perceive in our own way, to feel our feelings, to think our thoughts, to make our own decisions, to communicate as we do, to take action, and to interact with others in our own unique way. The different elements of the IM4U Program are designed to teach students the conscious application of freedoms for the benefit of all.


Goals and Objectives:

  • Identify a different way to look at the problems in their lives.
  • Develop a positive outlook on life through discussing that difficulties will pass and the sun will shine again.
The skill builder You, Me, And We helps students notice that friendship is built on similarities and differences. Embracing others’ similarities and differences allows everyone to feel connected as friends. As students collaborate and use kind words (Respect- SEL Concept) they notice something different about one another (Diversity-SEL Concept). This allows students to experience more diverse perspectives and adds to their understanding of community. Students can begin to appreciate the qualities that make each of us special and how working together can benefit all.

Skill Builder
Use these visual resources to enhance the student experience in this unit.

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Activity Steps

  • Connector.

    Use The 8 Core Freedoms poster as a guide to remind students of your previous discussion of the Core Freedoms. Then focus on The Freedom To Feel. When we are free to feel our own feelings, we recognize that others have feelings too. This simple realization can help us be kind to others when they are having a cloudy day. Understanding one anothers’ feelings helps us to begin to understand and respect our differences.

  • Connector.

    Watch the Do You See A Smile In The Sky puppet skit video. You might say: In the beginning of the video Sammy was having a cloudy day. How did Uncle Jim and Sammy’s friend Martin know Sammy was having a cloudy day? How did they help him to feel better? Have any of your friends ever had a cloudy day? How did you know?

  • Connector.

    Invite students to share how they feel today. Ask: Does it feel like you are having a sunny or cloudy day? You can start the conversation by asking students who feel like today is a sunny day to raise their hand. Ask students to share why it feels like a sunny day today. Then ask those that think it is a cloudy day to raise their hand. Why does today feel cloudy to you? Can you describe why to someone sitting next to you?

  • Connector.

    Tell students how YOU are feeling today. You could use a weather metaphor such as cloudy, sunny, or stormy to help get the activity going. Remind them that we are all free to feel our own feelings!

  • Connector.

    Encourage students to talk about the storm clouds (emotions, problems, worries) they have experienced. Ask: What kind of “weather” have you experienced?, and invite them to share their experience with a friend.

  • Connector.

    Students will use art materials (construction paper, clear acrylic, and wipe-off or regular markers) to depict the sun and the weather. Invite students to draw the sun and a sunny day scene on poster paper.

  • Connector.

    Show them how they can use regular or wipe-off markers to draw “storm clouds of emotions” on a clear sheet of acrylic paper that is placed over the sun.

  • Connector.

    Students can superimpose the clouds over the sun by using tape to attach the acrylic sheet to one side of the oak tag like a book cover. This way students can see the sun behind the clouds and can experiment with covering and uncovering the sun.

  • Connector.

    After the activity, give students The Freedom To Feel their own feelings by inviting them to share their drawing and stories about experiences they’ve had feeling all kinds of “weather.”

  • Connector.

    Remind children that feelings can change…giving them the Freedom to Feel feelings that change!

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