PK Activity 2 – This Is Me

Core Freedom: Be Who We Are


One way to take a broader perspective is to learn more about each other. The purpose of this activity is for children to share something about themselves in front of a group. This can be challenging for some children, but as long as you set a safe, caring space, children will grow to be more confident in sharing.


Children complete a creative, self-reflective activity to explore their freedom to be who they are, then share something about themselves in a group setting.

Principle Overview

The 8 Core Freedoms of IM4U are the hallmarks of who we are as individuals and members of a group. In a way, they are our “Bill of Rights.” As individuals, we are free to be ourselves, to perceive in our own way, to feel our feelings, to think our thoughts, to make our own decisions, to communicate as we do, to take action, and to interact with others in our own unique way. The different elements of the IM4U Program are designed to teach students the conscious application of freedoms for the benefit of all.


Goals and Objectives:

  • Identify one’s likes and preferences by sharing a personal item with the class.
  • Listen to and recognize personal interests of others.
The You, Me, And We Skill Builder helps children notice that friendship is built on similarities and differences. Embracing others’ similarities and differences allows everyone to feel connected as friends. As children collaborate and use kind words (Respect- SEL Concept) they notice something different about one another (Diversity-SEL Concept). This allows children to experience more diverse perspectives and add to their understanding of community. Children can begin to appreciate the qualities that make each of us special and how working together can benefit all.

  • Personal sharing time facilitates many different early learning skills, such as speaking, listening, belonging to a group, recognizing the thoughts and perspectives of others, and accepting differences.
Skill Builder
Use these visual resources to enhance the student experience in this unit.

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Activity Steps

  • Connector.

    In a circle time, ask children to take turns telling something about the special object they brought with them to school:

    What is special about this?
    What do you want the class to know about it?

  • Connector.

    When all children have had an opportunity to share their object, connect this activity to the Diversity-SEL Concept by noting the assortment of objects. You might say:

    Look at all the special objects we shared! Are they all the same? No, they’re not. And that’s ok! Everyone has something special they love, and sometimes it’s the same as ours, and sometimes it’s not.

  • Connector.

    Set up a Show-and-tell table where children can sit with their special item and share it with others one-on-one or in small groups. This personal sharing time is essential for learning how to be a member of a group. Remind children that each time we learn something new about one another (The Freedom To Be Who We Are), we develop a larger picture of the group. When we develop a larger picture, we are able to show kindness and Respect-SEL concept for others who think and act differently from us.

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