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Get ready to embark on an exciting journey with the IM4U Friendship Circle! We’re thrilled to invite you to join this exclusive pilot program that will take your little learners on a playful and engaging adventure focused on friendship and social-emotional learning skills.

Friendship Basics is a play-based, social-emotional learning resource that blends music, movement, and cooperative games to teach young children lifelong skills that build hearts as well as minds.

IM4U Learning uses the natural connection to music to help children explore and talk about the positive and “tough stuff” of social interaction.

Your school has partnered with IM4U Learning to enhance your social-emotional approach to learning and experience how Friendship Basics

  • supports how children learn at their own level through music and play;
  • helps teachers connect social-emotional learning concepts to real-world and real-time applications in the classroom; and

extends the framework to practical application at home.

Created by award-winning children’s songwriter Jim Mayer and early childhood experts Ellen Booth Church and Kristin McFadden, IM4U Learning is developed by teachers for teachers with the oversight of Dr. Eugene Beresin, Executive Director of the Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds at Massachusetts General Hospital.

We’re here for you!

The IM4U Learning Team

Your Friendship Circle Quick Links

Your Friendship Circle Membership Includes:

FULL ACCESS to Friendship Basics

A teacher resource that engages children through fun songs and stories, play-based activities, and cooperative games Let’s make learning about friendship an absolute blast!

Teacher Training & Professional Development

Learn how to use Friendship Basics, our play-based approach to teaching social-emotional learning skills, and how to apply play-based learning in your classroom. You will learn how to implement these innovative teaching methods in your classroom from well-known expert educators.

Exclusive Online Educator Community 

Welcome to our vibrant online educator community, a place where playful educator minds unite! Join other enthusiastic educators who share your passion for promoting friendship and social-emotional well-being. Let’s collaborate, share ideas, and inspire each other to create extraordinary learning experiences!

Learning Gains & Impact Report

Based on inputs from all participating Friendship Circle schools, help us measure the impact of Friendship Basics and this innovative approach to social-emotional learning.

Virtual Assembly with Jim Mayer & Friends

Join award-winning musician and IM4U Founder, Jim Mayer, and his fantastic friends as they captivate your students, spread joy, and teach valuable life lessons through music.

IM4U Merchandise and Gear:

Participating teachers receive exclusive discounts on IM4U merchandise to extend the impact in their classrooms-finger puppets, books, and other learning aids, plus gear!

Use code FriendshipCircle23 for 20% off on checkout!

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